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Fowey is a deep water port accessible in all weather and all states of the tides. The harbour entrance lies between St. Catherine’s castle on the West side and the Polruan headland on the East side
All vessels in excess of 37.5 metres require a compulsory pilot. Watch is kept when vessels are due as advised in an estimated time of arrival to the port agent South Coast UK. Vessels are recommended to anchor one mile south of the harbour entrance to await Pilot.
Fowey Pilots call sign is “Fowey Pilots” calling on VHF channel 16 and working on channel 9.
The Port is under the control of Fowey Harbour Commissioners (VHF channel 12), who are also the Pilotage Authority for Fowey, Par and Charlestown.
Ships over 92 metres (depending on construction and length over all) are required to swing in the lower harbour, using one tug, towed astern to the loading berths whilst dragging the vessels anchor. The loading berths are situated on the western bank of the channel approx. 2 km from the Harbour entrance. Vessels in excess of 102 metres (depending on construction and length over all) require two tugs for this operation. The tug/s will stand-by off the harbour entrance running alongside the vessel to make fast the tow-ropes prior to turning the vessel around in the swinging ground.
The rise and fall of the tide varies between 2.0 and 6.0 metres and the ebb tide can be in excess of 1.75 knots. Because of tidal movement larger ships are moved in slack water.
The Ship channel is 6.50 metres low water on spring tides. High Water full and change is 6 hours and 14 minutes
Lay-by berths at buoys in the river can cater for two vessels.
Owners proposing to load vessels over 120 metres LOA and/or cargo over 7,000mt are advised to contact the port agent South Coast UK as there may be restrictions to overcome.
The largest ship brought into the port was over 165 metres and 17,000 tonnes deadweight.
In recent years, Fowey has become a popular port of call for cruise liners, the largest visiting the harbour being the Crystal Harmony with a length of 248 metres and of 48,000 tonnes gross. Other vessels include the Black Prince, Hanseatic, Sun Bay II, Seabourn Pride and Spirit, Silver Wind and Cloud, Le Diamant, Sea Cloud II, and Pan Orama, also RFA vessel Sir Galahad. There are two landing points designated for this business; one in the centre of Fowey Town at Albert Quay and the other adjacent to South Coast UK’s offices giving access to a coach park area on IMERYS’ property.
A promotional pack for this business is available on request under separate cover from the Fowey Harbour Commissioners or South Coast UK (Denholm-Barwil Ltd).
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