Imerys Minerals is the world leader in industrial minerals, mining rare materials and turning them into specialties that improve the products and processes of it's customers in industry and construction.
Denholm Barwil Ltd is one of the UK's leading port and marine service providers. The in house expertise across the UK allows Denholm Barwil to handle conventional cargo, container, ro-ro, cruise, military, tanker and cable vessels.
Imerys Performance Minerals provides customers with tailor-made solutions in a highly technical field, based on the processing of calcium carbonates, kaolins, calcined kaolins, feldspar, mica and ball clays.
IMERYS Pigments for Paper is a global leader in the supply of high quality white pigments for the world’s paper industry.
World Minerals Inc. is a member of Imerys Minerals and a world leading supplier of engineered mineral products derived from diatomaceous earth and expanded perlite, natural raw materials possessing unusually light density, chemical inertness, high surface area and intricate structure.
Fowey Harbour Commissioners provide services and maintain craft, properties and harbour utilities for Fowey Harbour.
For the hard-working crews who spend months at sea, isolated and far from home, a simple phone call to a loved one can make the world of difference. The Mission to Seafarers works 365 days a year in over 230 Ports around the world to give help and support in every way that we can to this vulnerable community
of workers.
Revitalising the landscape and the economy of Mid Cornwall is the driving force behind the Eco-Bos venture. In partnership with Imerys they aim to deliver one of the most sustainable integrated town developments in Europe. 
Imerys Ceramics is a world leading supplier of raw materials, prepared bodies and glazes for ceramics. Our extensive product portfolio includes tailor-made mineral solutions for ball clay, chamotte, feldspar, Grès de Thiviers, kaolin and ceramic bodies.
Imerys Sanitaryware, Imerys Tableware and Imerys Tiles Minerals offer products such as Remblend, Super Standard Porcelain and Kaolinor 1C, which are the benchmark for high quality, reliable raw materials in their respective markets.