No. 3 Jetty
  • Non operational
  • Layby berth if requested 

No. 4 Jetty
  • Depth of water 7.3m at LWOST
  • Normal max LOA 120m
  • Berth facing approx. 20m long
  • Height of quay 10.5m above LWOST
  • Metal and concrete construction jetty type berth
  • Fyson Fixed Radial Bulk clay conveyor
No. 4 Jetty
No. 5 Jetty
  • Depth of water 6.7m at LWOST
  • Normal max LOA 100m*
  • Quay 5/6 overall length 165m  
    Height of Quay 5/6 8.75m above LWOST    
  • Concrete quayside berth
  • Down River section of Quay 5/6 
  • Jones 971 Mobile crane
  • Break bulk loading berth
  • Also used as a lay-by/waiting berth
  • Other project/commercial cargoes
No. 5 Jetty
No. 6 Jetty
  • Depth of water 6.7m at LWOST
  • Normal max LOA 120m*
  • Quay 5/6 overall length 165m
  • Height of Quay 5/6 8.75m above LWOST
  • Concrete quayside berth 
  • Up River section of Quay 5/6
  • Babcock-Moxey Fixed Radial Bulk clay conveyor
No. 6 Jetty
No. 8 Jetty
  • Depth of water 8.5m at LWOST
  • Normal max LOA 150m
  • Height of quay 7.0m above LWOST
  • Concrete quayside/jetty berth 110 m overall length
  • Travelling Bulk clay conveyor that traverses the quay on fixed rails
No. 8 Jetty
* Vessels in excess of 100m (Quay 5) and 120m (Quay 6) should contact the port agents South Coast UK prior to fixing as this may cause delays to loading.
The Port welcomes enquiries for handling any type of cargo.
Typical aggregate loading rate 3000 tonnes per day
Typical china clay discharge rate 1800 tonnes per day
A mobile crane is available for certain operations, and stores, water, repairs and bunkers can be arranged through the port agent South Coast UK (Denholm Barwil Ltd).
China clay is transported to Fowey by road and rail and is either loaded direct to vessel or tipped to a store.  The store can hold up to 22,000 tonnes in 14 separate bays.  A 4-mile long private road links the Port of Fowey with Par.
Normal operating times are from 06:00 to 22:00 Monday to Friday.
Saturday working from 06:00 to 14:00 is available subject to payment overtime.
Other weekend and Public holiday work is on application and subject to overtime.